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2004/6 Fender Japan JM66-80 3TS  Jazzmaster

& new hard case



The Jazzmasters & Jaguars don't seem to come up quite as often from my supplier in Japan. They are regarded as fantastic reissues & judged to be a lot better than the Mexican models & some even say that they match or surpass the USA ones ! This particular guitar is around 10 years old and has been played with a few nicks and scratches around the body but the overall condition is very good. There was a ding on the top edge that needed repairing but it's pretty much invisible now. The guitar is all original with no modifications. There is little wear to the frets. The guitar plays really nicely and has a great sound. I did find some Fender Japan Jazzmasters for sale on the internet priced at around £900 with a gigbag so I think this is well priced 


Hard Case

As said many times, all my guitars come shipped in a new black hard case which is included in the price. I find this is the safest way to avoid damage in transit. Jaguars have a wider body than Strats and Teles and this is a tight fit in the hard case but it does offer it good protection in transit although not ideal in size. If you want a particular fitted case for the guitar, this will be more expensive although I am happy to research it. Just let me know. Alternatively, if you are collecting the guitar and, like some buyers have cases coming out of their ears, that's no problem, I'll adjust the price (usually around a £30 discount) and I can usually find you an old gigbag to take the guitar away in. The only hard and fast rule I have is that I won't ship a guitar in a gigbag 

  Fender Japan    JM66-80  Jazzmaster Specifications

BODY:  Basswood

NECK:  Maple

GRIP SHAPE:  Oval type

SCALE:  324mm




NUT WIDTH:  42mm






PICKGUARD:  Tortoishell 3Ply


Case - New Thomann   rectangular lockable 

The Jazzmaster was first introduced in 1958 & was a more expensive option than the Stratocaster by Fender

The contoured offset-waist body was designed for comfort whilst playing seated & it had a full 25.5" scale length

It also features a floating tremolo with a manual lock that is operated if a string breaks to maintain tuning

The Jazzmaster has unique wide "soapbar" pickups which are often confused with P90's but are instructed entirely differently to give a warmer sound

One of the Jazzmasters features is the pickup wiring circuit & two "thumbwheels" These are to allow the guitar to be independently set for a rhythm sound so that the player can quickly switch between the two

The Jazzmaster was the first Fender guitar to feature a Rosewood fretboard 

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