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1990's Fernandes Japan LE-1 Stratocaster  & new Hard Case


Good example of a Japanese Fernandes from the early 90's in Fiesta red

Regular visitors to my site will recognise this guitar as one that has been here before. Yes, you're right. It was the subject of a recent unfortunate Ebay experience, not to be repeated!

 The guitar is lovely and an excellent example of  Japanese guitar building. A lovely strat copy. Excellent neck which is smooth to play & with Gotoh tuners. All wood body. 3 x Fernandes Japan single coil pickups giving it a great sound 


Guitar: Fernandes LE-1

Mfg. Year: 1990 (Est)

Country : Japan

Condition: 8.5/10 

Fret Wear: 8/10

Weight: 7 lbs. 14 oz. 

Neck Profile: Medium C 

Neck Width at Nut: 42mm. 

12th Fret: 52mm. 

Body: Alder (Not 100% sure this is correct however it is definitely all wood)

Neck: Maple with rosewood fretboard

Finish Type: Poly 

Pickups : Fernandes LE-1 Ceramic Pickups

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The guitar is in overall very good condition &  all original apart from a trem arm which looks slightly newer than the rest of the plastic parts

There are a couple of tiny dings and a few indents around the body but overall it's really good & consistent with it's age

There is a tiny paint/lacquer crack in the neck pocket. This occurred during shipping & was really annoying, however, it is not unusual to see this on Strats & other "bolt on neck" guitars

The back is in pretty good nick too. No bucklerash. One or two very small dents

All the wiring was untouched since it left the factory. I noted the pickup ratings which are consistent with "vintage" style pickups

The guitar plays really nicely & the pickups sound just great. I certainly wouldn't change them ! Fernandes guitars have long had a great reputation. They also own the "Burny" name. Nowadays, I think most of their production is in other far eastern countries but this is most definitely Japanese 

Trying to establish an age & model of guitar meant trawling through Fernandes catalogues for the past 20 years. Anyway, in the end I was able to find out that with this shape headstock, solid paint & upgraded GOTOH tuners, these models were called LE-1 & built in the 1990's. I think it's like a '62 reissue F*ender with the headstock shape, the trussrod adjustment at the heel & the 11 hole 3 ply pickguard

To sum up, an excellent example of the Fernandes LE-1 from Japan. It comes with a basic hardcase but if you would like to upgrade that to a vintage tweed style one, it's just an extra £5. Message me for details.

If you are further interested in this guitar, you can either email me with any queries & I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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