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2016 Fujigen FGN Neo Classic Stratocaster NST102/2TS

Alder 2T Sunburst with new Hard Case



If you're checking out my website because you love Japanese guitars then I'm guessing you must have heard of the famous Fujigen-Gakki facility in Japan. They've been building guitars there since 1960  including Fenders, Grecos, some Yamahas, Ibanez, JV Squiers etc etc. As well as building guitars for other people, they also make their own ranges which are currently badged as "FGN" 

You can find lots about them on line and lots of YouTube videos too with people drooling over how good they are but you won't find many places that stock them outside of Japan. There are no UK suppliers. There is a limited range at Thomann but none of the "Neo Classic" range. These are basically copies of famous USA guitars but with a few changes/improvements. Perhaps that's why you can't easily get them outside of Japan. I don't know but they are superb guitars

This Stratocaster, for example, looks almost identical to a '57 Reissue Fender Stratocaster, however, it has a few different features. The guitar has a more modern 2 point tremolo system which you tend to find on modern Fenders. The finish on the back of the neck is satin up to the headstock and then it changes to gloss. Much more comfortable. The guitar also feature the CFS fretting which is better for tuning and intonation (lots of explanations online) The fretboard is a flatter 250mm (9.84") than Fender's 7.25" which is better for lead work. A look under the pickguard reveals a beautifully routed body, cloth wired Alnico pickups, superior quality Pots & 5 way switch. The second tone knob also controls the bridge pickup (useful) unlike older Fenders

The overall condition of the guitar is excellent. I checked it over and there were no dents, scratches or scuffs. Some light scratching on the pickguard is the only evidence of the guitar having been played . Fujigen guitars are really, really good with the build quality being slightly better (IMO) than Fender Japan, particularly the electrics. Much better pots and switches & thicker cloth covered wiring


Manufacture 2016 Japan

Body: Solid Alder

Colour: 2 tone sunburst

Neck:  Maple with Maple fret board (bolt on) Satin/Gloss wood finish

Profile: Modern "C"

Weight: 3.50kg

Scale Length 25.5"

Width at nut 42mm

At 12th Fret 52mm

Pickups: Fujigen Japan cloth wired Alnico Pickups

Hardwear: Chrome

Tuners: Grovers

Bridge: 2 point tremolo system with steel tremolo block

5 way Switch

1 x Volume & 2 x Tone (operating for all pickups)

Pickguard: White single ply

Hard Case: Thomann Black Plain (Can be upgraded)

As stated many times, due to courier damage, all my guitars are shipped in hard cases (usually new) this one being a plain black one. I do have a tweed option and these are a little dearer (Extra £10). If you prefer that, please email me for details. If you are collecting, I'm happy to knock off the price of the case (About £30) & I may even have an old gig bag you can have to take it away in

So to sum up, an excellent guitar from Fujigen Japan. This model is impossible to find here in the UK unless you import it. 

If you are further interested in this guitar, you can either email me with any queries & I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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