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Gone but not forgotten

These pages contain unusual & noteworthy guitars that have long since been sold & are now spread around the UK & Europe, hopefully still being played & enjoyed. I keep these pages for reference purposes etc. None of these guitars are for sale

Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoyed the pics !

Cheers Rob

Gone Not forgotten. More Pre Owned guitars...

Fender JV Squier



1983 JV Squier '62 Reissue Stratocaster & new Tweed Case



2003 Fender Japan Antigua Telecaster


2003 Fender Japan Antigua Telecaster + new HSC


Yamaha Japan 1978 SG-2000 Sunburst

Yamaha Japan 1978 SG-2000 Sunburst

Supplied with new shaped hardcase



1986 Fender Squier "E" Series Telecaster

1986 Fender Squier "E" Series Telecaster

with new tweed hardshell case


This beautiful natural finish Japan Squier Telecaster is one of the earliest models & followed the famous "JV" & "SQ" models from the Fugijen Gakki Factory

Completely refinished by me

1970's Maya Stratocaster

1970's Maya Stratocaster - Made in Japan


1981 Hondo Revival Series H-935RS

1981 Hondo Revival Series H-935RS


Complete with original Hardcase & US Dimarzio Pickups

Made in Japan

1993-4 Fender Squier Stratocaster

1993-4 Fender Squier Stratocaster

Made in Japan.


1991 Godin Artisan TC

1991 Godin Artisan TC


This is the third Godin I have owned. It's an early 1991 model. It isn't as pretty as the others but the neck & electrics are as good

I was initially a bit disappointed when this arrived as I thought the body was finished in matt & it had a few knock & bumps around the edges but after a couple of hours work, it has come up to look really nice. It has obviously been owned by someone not too fussy (I'm being kind!) & it also had no hardcase & it showed !!


1980's Aria Pro II Titan Artist Series TA-40


These old Aria Pro's are becoming pretty popular & collectable. I purchased this in Hampshire a month or so ago & was initially a bit disappointed with the guitar. Like so often, it hadn't been looked after & was dirty & poorly set up with crackly switches & knobs.

These Aria Pro's were originally made at the famous Matsomuko factory in the early 80's as part of the "Titan Artist" series. The models were TA-30,50.70 etc. Production later switched to Korea & that was when the TA-40 appeared

This example plays well with a comfortable neck, good balance & nice low action. The bridge & maybe the neck pickups have both been changed but they work well & the guitar has a good range of sounds & can cover most styles

Now living in Sussex & about to undergo a pickup upgrade - should sound awesome !


1998 Gibson Les Paul Smartwood

 & new tweed shaped Les Paul Case


We kept this one "kind of" in the family as it was so nice. Enjoy it Paul !



Hohner Professional TE


A nice example of a Telecaster copy from the 90's by Hohner. Built in Korea (possibly the Samick factory where the Epiphones of that time were also built) it is in good condition but has some wear (see pics). Sunburst with body binding & through body stringing. It has a bolt on neck, two pickups. Rosewood fingerboard. There are some good reviews of these guitars at Harmony Central...

This model is now enjoyed by Juan Carlos in Madrid !

Iceni Zoot Bass

1993 Iceni Zoot "Deluxe F" 5 String Bass with Active Pickups


Fender Flame Autumnburst

1984 Fender Master Series Flame Standard

(Inc 80's Fender Hardshell Case)

Sorry but this guitar is now sold

Yes, at long last, I have found one ! The smaller sister of the Fender Esprit, a Fender Flame in Autumnburst.

1994 Fender Japan Foto Flame Stratocaster

1994 Fender Japan Foto Flame Stratocaster

 & Hiscox Style HSC

This guitar is now sold


Yamaha MSG Image Deluxe

Comes with good quality hardcase

Sorry, this one is now sold - didn't hang about long, did it !!

I am quite excited about this one ! It's a rare & highly regarded Martin Booth designed Yamaha MSG Image deluxe in an orangeburst with a good quality hardcase. The guitar also has a Floyd Rose tremelo System & coil split Kent Armstrong Humbuckers


Conrad Jazzmaster Copy

Sold & gone to Wales !

Strange & a bit quirky! But that's what I love about some of these old Japanese guitars. Having said that, they nearly always  use good quality woods for the neck & body. The hardwear is generally pretty good & they are very well made. This one is no exception

I use the term "Jazzmaster Copy" very loosely as the bodyshape & neck are about all that are copied here.

Conrad were a rare Japanese manufacturer who made good quality & highly rated guitars but no longer exist.

A google search will bring up some references & reviews at Harmony Central are few & far between but the ones that are there are very complimentary


1990's Hohner Professional SE-35


Semi-Hollow Body

Maple bound top, back & sides

Black Pickguard

Mahogany Neck

22 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard with Pearl dot inlays

Tune-o-matic Bridge

Gold Hardwear & Twin Humbucker Pickups

2 x Volume & 2 x tone Knobs

3 way switch

Manufactured from 1990

A really nice example of this ES-335 copy from the 90's by Hohner. Built in Korea (possibly the Samick factory where the Epiphone Sheratons, Dots & Casinos were also built) it is in very good condition.

Now sold & living in Edinburgh


1983 Vintage Yamaha Japan SF-400 (OHSC)

This rather rare guitar from Yamaha Japan has proved difficult to both date & to find any information on. Yamaha Japan have now dated it to 1983 (I thought it was older) & it is exact in body shape to the excellent  SF "Super Flighter" range from Yamaha that emerged in 1977 according to this translated site

This guitar is sold & now gone to Lincoln !


Godin Artisan ST-1

Godins are built in Quebec Canada & the Artisan Series was produced from 1992-1998 & this guitar had the following features:

 Birdseye maple top with bound edges

Limewood Body

Maple neck & ebony fingerboard

3 Godin twin blade pickups (designed by Godin and manufactured by Schaller), and a mid filter function on the tone pot. when activated, it cuts half the db level at 600Hz.

This guitar has now gone to Scotland !


Sanox guitars are quite rare & there is little info on the web about them. Having previously owned a set neck model with twin humbuckers, I went after this one when it came up for sale. It was almost certainly built in the 70's or the 80's. I don't believe there was ever a "Sanox" factory this probably hailed from the Matsomuko factory or similar. There is a tale that "Sanox" is the Japanese interpretation of the word "Saxon" I don't know, amusing though!

This one, now gone to Germany



1981 Japanese Hondo H-937BS

Sold & now happily living in the English Riviera !

A nice 1980's Japanese made copy of the Gibson ES-137

2005 Gibson Les Paul DC

2005 Gibson Les Paul


Double Cutaway in faded Cherry Red

This model had the great addition of P90 pickups which just sounded sooo cool. I love the sound & this Gibson Les Paul is at a really competitive price, not a lot more than an Epiphone really.Now sold to a man from Tonbridge in Kent who was very happy with it !

Fender '62 Telecaster Custom RW 3TSB

Fender '62 Telecaster Custom RW 3TSB



Japanese guitars are nearly always good. Japanese Fenders are always good (in my experience) & this is no exception. A really nicely made guitar in near perfect condition. An excellent guitar, now living in Canterbury but I will definitely be on the lookout for another !


1996 Epiphone Casino

Sunburst with Epiphone HSC

Korean made at the Peerless factory

Basically a thinline hollowbody guitar with a Maple veneer body & a Mahogany neck. 2 x P90 fixed pickups

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

Godin Artisan TC

Every so often a guitar comes along that you pick up & play & think "Why do Fender sell so many instruments when there are rivals like this around?"

What a stunning guitar this is. Superb build quality, great sustain & a lovely sound !

Features : Telecaster-style solid body guitar. Made in Canada in 1995. A beautifully flamed carved maple top.Nice birds-eye maple neck with rose wood fingerboard. Dot inlays. Medium neck scale, semi-flat d-shape.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1980's Yamato Strat

1980's MIJ Yamato Stratocaster

A nicely made Yamato Stratocaster Copy

I  changed the scratchplate since I got it from a 3 ply white to a 3 ply black which looks rather nice

It has all the features of a strat but with a 3 way switch.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


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1979 Yamaha Super Axe SA-1000

What a fantastic guitar! Produced by Yamaha in Japan from 1977-1983 and part of the ever popular SA range. Basically a copy of a Gibson 335 with a centre solid block of wood in the body to improve sustain & cut out feedback. Beautifully made by the guys at Yamaha, it's easy to see why these are the choice of many a professional player & session musician. Yamaha's Japanese website  gives the follwing spec. Spruce body with a Maple top. Mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard.

This example is in 8/10 all round condition considering its age. High resolution pics can be sent on request. As you can see it is in its original Yamaha case. A rare guitar in original condition

I contacted Yamaha Japan with the serial number of the guitar to date it & they replied giving a production date of April 1979

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

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Gordon Smith Graduate Slimline Limited Edition

This is the second Gordon Smith that I have owned, the first was a GS II but this one is much,much better, it is the Graduate Slimline Ltd Edition.This was a run of 200 guitars that Gordon Smith introduced to celebrate their first 20 years in production.The body is mahogany with a carved & highly figured maple top. A one piece maple neck & fretboard.This one is no.86 of the run and was bought from Ebay (of course) and described as "unplayed" The seller wasn't fibbing, the frets were dull & tarnished and the electrics didn't work at all! A good clean & a few squirts of WD40 later + a set of 11's and it sounds superb!

Upgraded...Never all that happy with the sound & look of the GS stock pickups (Sorry Gordon Smith!), I have now upgraded this beauty with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. A JB SH-4 at the bridge and an SD Jazz at the neck (Both with coil splitting) What an improvement!!

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

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1950's Zenith by Framus Archtop

A 1950's Zenith Archtop jazz guitar. This is the second Zenith I have owned, the first having had a cutaway (see my gone never forgotten page). Here are a few Zenith factoids for you !

Paul McCartney's first guitar was a Zenith which he still owns (shame it's not this one)

Zenith guitars were made for the Boosey & Hawkes corporation by Framus guitars in Germany.

They all carry the sticker inside saying "tested & approved by Ivor Mairants" and are personally signed by him. He was a famous British Jazz guitarist of the 1950's

They were at the lower end of the market when they came out but were a popular guitar & are quite rare.

This one would appear to have a truss rod but it is not adjustable.

This one was owned by a club entertainer in the north of England by the name of Albert Rawson. He also used a "Savana" Ukelele & a "New Windsor" Zither banjo.

This is after a clean. It arrived with a pickup which is a Hofner(German) I have had to get the electrics sorted out. The volume knob was disconnected & it has a trailing lead. I have now rewired it and put in a jack socket at the bottom edge.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

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Gone Not Forgotten 2007

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1994 Fender Japan P Bass Fiesta Red

A nice example of a Fender Japan Bass.Solid & reliable. When it arrived it had a single ply white pickguard (retained) a broken volume pot and no bridge or pickup covers. It was also covered in surface scratches where stickers had been applied and removed carelessly.

The chrome covers are genuine Fender & imported from the USA

The pot was replaced with a Fender also from the USA

After alot of elbow grease it is now looking pretty good & has a black 3 ply pickguard.

Now living in Strood!!!!


Yamaha SG 90 (Circa 1975)

Purchased on ebay, this gem from the 1970's although a little tatty and with a nasty ding on the front is superb to play. The action is very low, it has a slim neck 24 frets and 2 powerful Yamaha humbuckers.

When I stripped it down to change the strings, adjust the truss rod & give it a good clean, I was amazed at the build quality. Everything from the tuners to the wiring is top quality.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1978 Yamaha Studio Lord 500S

(Imported from Japan)

A great example of a 1970's "lawsuit" Yamaha Studio Lord 500s Unlike the cheaper SL's this one has a "set neck" giving it beautiful sustain. I have contacted Yamaha in Japan & they have kindly dated it to May 1978

Great Yamaha pickups & attention to detail. When I imported it, it was just missing it's original pickguard. I sourced a replacement which you can see is a good match although it needs to be on it a few years to age properly!

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1970' HS Anderson II-Japanese

Designed by "Patrick Vrolant" a french rock guitarist, these Andersons are extremely rare and becoming sought after, one selling recently for $500+ on ebay

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1995 Fender Japan Precision Bass

Yet another Ebay purchase ! I had an old bass that used to play which was poor quality, I decided to upgrade as cheaply as I could to a Japanese Fender. I love Japanese guitars, they are affordable good quality guitars

When the courier delivered this bass guitar it looked like this !

Nice, eh? If you look closely you can see "Nirvana" engraved into the wood !

Anyway, not my style, particularly the home made scratchplate, so a few hours sanding , then a helpful brother who mixed up some paint to "sort of" match daphne blue, I now have this beauty !

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


Yamaha Super R'n'Roller 500

I imported from Japan together with another 2 vintage Yamahas. They are all such well made guitars. You just cannot get quality like this now. This is the 3rd SR (strat Copy ) I have had & is just as good as the others. When it arrived it was missing its trem-arm but I have replaced that. Unfortunately the tip is rather white compared to the knobs & switch. It will be ok in around 2037!

The electrics all work perfectly. It has a 3 way switch rather than the modern 5 way selectors.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


Yamaha SA-1100


1983 JV Squier J Jazz Bass Original!!


This was the first JV Squier I owned & had the  chance to play. To be honest, I always wondered what all the fuss was about. They can't be that good, can they?

I suppose the important thing is to understand the history & to realise that what you have is a 25 year old Japanese Fender with USA Pickups & electrics

Here is some history .....

"Fender, under the ownership of CBS, acquired the Squier brand name in the mid to late-1960s when it bought a USA based string-making firm, but it lay dormant for many years.

In the early 1980s, several events were pushing Fender to produce a second-line brand. Firstly, CBS had sold out to new management without the factories in California. This meant there would be a drop in production before new manufacturing plants could be constructed and commissioned. Also, there was a demand for an inexpensive range of guitars that could not be manufactured in the USA at a low enough cost due to the cost of manpower and raw materials. Furthermore, companies were producing Strat copies at affordable prices to cater to a large market of novice guitarists, and this trend was eroding Fender's share of the market, especially in Europe and Asia.

As a solution to the aforementioned problems, the Squier brand name was resurrected in the early 1980s to distinguish a series of classic reproductions called the known as the Squier JV Series. These were surprisingly accurate reproductions of classic 1950s and 1960s Fender guitar models. Soon, a second series followed and these were called the SQ series as seen from the prefix to their serial numbers. They were generally reproductions of 1970s models, the main difference being that they were completely made out of parts made in Japan, whereas the initial JV series used USA-manufactured pickups."

Initial Squier JV series

When initially launched in Europe in the early 1980s the Squier range offered classic reproductions of Fender's most popular models: '57 and '62 Stratocasters, '57 and '62 Precision Basses, '52 Telecasters and '62 Jazz Bass. These were made in the Fuji Gen Gakki factory in Japan - then also used by Ibanez - using original factory blueprints. These early Squiers are referred to as "JV Squiers" due to those two letters being the prefix on the serial number stamped on the neck plate that stand for "Japanese Vintage". Initial shipments to Europe had Fender's logo in large script on the headstock with a small "Squier Series" decal but quickly this gave way to a large Squier logo with a small "by Fender" decal. These early JVs are extremely accurate reproductions of the classic models and are highly sought by guitar collectors, especially in Europe.


This example is 98% original with only a volume control knob changed as the original came off & was lost. It isn't pristine but plays & sounds great! They are very worthy of all the fuss. For info, this one has cloth shielded wiring, all the correct neck stamps. A neck date of  1-08-83

Now owned by Bram Derk (musician) from Holland


1990's Fenix Les Paul Standard

A rare example of a Fenix Les Paul Standard. Made in Korea in the 1990's by Young Chang (Yes, we all know the story of the Ex-Fender guy who set himself up in Korea.) How much truth there is in it, I'm not sure . The only thing you can be sure about with any Fenix is that it is superbly made and they are all very sought after guitars.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1980's Sanox Set Neck in Antique Violin

This guitar is very similar to a Fender Flame & some Ibanez Artists & I think came out of the same Fujigen Gakki Factory

It is stunning, Has a set neck & is finished in a beautiful "Antique Violin" as Ibanez call it. Everything about the guitar is quality from it's costruction, bridge, tuners & powerful pickups to the cross "+" markers along the fretboard & mother of pearl style inlay all around the body binding.

This guitar is now sold & lives happily in the Emerald Isle with Eamonn !

Cheers Eamonn!


1976 Fender USA Mustang

A rare example with a maple neck & natural body


Bolt on neck

Full size 22 fret neck

Original Mustang pickups

Original Switching & scratch plate (serial number stamped on underside to match headstock)

2x 3 way slider switches for each pickup

1 volume & 1 tone controls

Now living happily in Co. Laois Eire & cared for by Kevin !!



1980's Yamaha SA-700 Super Axe

(Imported from Japan)

A great example of a 1980's  Yamaha Super Axe. Unlike the other SA-1100 on the site, which is a superb guitar, this one is a "made in Japan" Instrument Great Yamaha pickups & attention to detail.

Now living in Sweden.

2006 USA Valley Arts Custom Telecaster & OHSC

2006 USA Valley Arts Custom Telecaster & OHSC


What an incredible guitar & by far, the best telecaster I have ever played, including all the Fender USA telecasters (IMHO) .

I have been a Larry Carlton fan for many years. I finally saw him play & met him briefly afterwards in 2007. He had a close association with Valley Arts guitars when they were set up in the 80's & he is playing them on a couple of instructional DVD's that I own. I believe helped with the development. This isn't an original L.C. Signature one as the factory suffered a fire in the 90's. Details can be see here


They are now built in the Gibson Custom shop & this one is a special order in Sunburst

All the spec is here


Sorry, this guitar has now been sold



1980's Westbury Standard in OHSC Black

I used to own a Westbury Deluxe which I sold a few months ago. I recently found two Westbury Standards which are pretty much the same but without the carved top & coil splitting. Although both guitars are excellent, this one is the better of the two & also has it's Westbury Hardshell Case (if a little battered!)

This guitar now owned by "Gef" from West Wickham. Thanks Gef !


1980's Tokai Goldstar Stratocaster

Tokai Goldstar strat, 80's model with amazing low action and beautiful sound.

Solid wood body

Maple neck & fingerboard

3 single coil Pickups

1 Volume & 2 tone controls

5 way switch

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1993 Levinson Blade Texas Standard Pro

1993 Levinson Blade Texas Standard Pro

What a cracking guitar ! Like the "Godin Artisan" featured on another one of my pages, it is so nice to see other guitar manufacturers building classic styles, to a very high quality but with different specifications & ideas.

Swiss based guitar designer Gary Levinson has been building guitars since 1982. In 1987 production was shifted to Japan & this model was made in 1993.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1982 Westone Rainbow I & OHSC

Nice guitar! A 1982 Matsomuko made 335 copy from the 80's, Japan made, set neck guitar with the following features:

This Rainbow I is a "translucent walnut"finish & has a semi-solid laminated Canadian Ash body, a 3 ply Maple neck.The centre block is Maple.
Rosewood fingerboard, 24.75 inch scale 22 frets. Brass nut.

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1988 Fender USA Telecaster Standard

This is a 1988 USA Standard Telecaster. I purchased it from a professional musician from South  London called Sam Beer. His music is mostly acoustic based and he has a selection of his music, some featuring this guitar on his website

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


Guitars that have gone to new homes!


1954 Zenith Semi Acoustic

My first electric! Made in East Germany/Czech republic and marketed by Boosey & Hawkes in the UK. I added the pickups & pickguard. Built of plywood & would never stay in tune! Fond memories though...

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1996 Fender Japanese Strat 1952 reissue

I never fully appreciated how good this guitar was. Bought new, wish I still owned it ..

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1979 USA Fender Stratocaster International Series in Maui Blue

The bridge, pickup covers & knobs were changed. Sold to a highly delighted RN Helicopter Pilot!

Why oh why did I sell it ?? It will be worth a fortune in years to come

1990 Fender Strat Plus

Not the greatest Fender I have seen or played.OK but not as good as the Jap ones

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

Gordon Smith Gypsy II

An early example from GS. Lovely guitar, I would still love a Graduate though!

for more info on Gordon Smith guitars, go to

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro V

Probably the prettiest & best made guitar I have owned & the most expensive. (Sold for £750)

An early example built when Patrick Eggle was still in charge! I never could get on with the rotary switches though.Not a big fan of Wilkinson Trems either !

for more info on Patrick Eggle, go to:

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1990 Fender Japan 50's reissue Telecaster

Imported by me from Japan.Great guitar.Light body.Neck plate &control plate were crooked.Unusual-Fake ? Went to Italy, a very happy buyer

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

Fenix Telecaster Deluxe

I love Fenix guitars. Famously made by Young Chang,  the guy Fender sacked for making his own guitars. I didn't realise how good they were when I bought this one! Through body stringing, gold hardwear and creme binding. Fantastic!

This one went to Germany. Buyer delighted !

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1983 Fender Japan Master Series Esprit Standard

The first Esprit I bought. Absolutely fantastic guitar! Built at the Ibanez factory. Only 4000 ever made and famously used by Robben Ford.This one went to a lovely and very happy ebayer on the Isle of Wight

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

1996 Fender Japan Telecaster Fotoflame

Such a pretty guitar. Great neck and sound.Went to Spain, this one! As good as my USA Standard Tele

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

Early 1980's Yamaha SF500

Beautifully made guitar. I would have another tomorrow! A real rocker !


Sorry, this guitar has now been sold

Fernandes Telecaster Copy

Imported by me from Japan.Good guitar, now living in Merseyside


Young Chang Stratocaster

An early Fenix guitar(note the different headstock) that was a beauty. Now living happily in the Netherlands

Fenix TC10

Sadly unloved when I bought it, but a good clean and a new pickguard later.It is now happily living in Newcastle

Yamaha Super R'n roller

Imported from Japan by me.Still in original hardcase and complete with Yamaha strap, polishing cloth & tools. An absolute peach! Went to the West Country

So much better than the later Squiers from Korea and China.

Sanox Sound Creator

Top quality 1970-1980 Japanese made guitar. Finished to a very high quality. Sold to a Greek who still owes me £20 !!


Morris Anderson "Global Sounds"

Morris Anderson "Global Sounds"

(1970s-80s MIJ)

I purchased this guitar some time ago via ebay.The seller told me that he purchased it in France which would explain the rarity and lack of information regarding the guitar

It says on the back of the headstock, "designed by Patrick Vrolant".

Patrick Vrolant is a famous country/rock recording artist in France.

  Sorry, this guitar has now been sold




1982 Ibanez Artist AR50

A 1982 Ibanez Artist made at the Fujigen Gakki factory in Japan and the first one I have owned.Easy to see why these are so sought after. Absolutely gorgeous to play with a great sound.

A couple of small but noticeable marks on the back & front when I got it. These have now been blown in & relacquered professionally

Sorry, this guitar has now been sold


1984 Peavey Patriot USA


I have been after one of these for a while & I certainly wasn't disappointed! A really good little guitar. Dates to the early 80's.USA made (not far east like the new stuff) .Mahogany body & Maple neck & fingerboard.2 punchy & powerful "Peavey Super Ferrite" pickups which are almost P-90 like. 1 vol & 1 tone and a three way switch. Peavey Tuners