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1984 JV Squier SST-30 w/ Bare Knuckles & new hard case

 1984 Squier JV Stratocaster '62RI SST-30

& New Hard Case




Upgraded with Bare Knuckle Pickups & Kluson tuners. Fabulous player


 JV Squiers from Fender Japan are very highly rated & rightly so. First making an appearance in 1982 at a time when Fender USA weren't making the best guitars ever, they quickly showed the rest of the guitar world just how good the master guitar builders at Fujigen-Gakki Japan were. There is loads of information about the JV Squier range on line & just about everything you could want to know is documented on this website, "21frets.com"


 This particular instrument is an SST-30 which was one of the last of the JV's before the serial numbers changed to "SQ" . The spec on the hardwear wasn't as high as the earlier models namely the pickups & the tuners. The first JV's had Fender USA pickups & Kluson tuners but by 1984, the Japanese were fitting their own parts. The rest of the guitar, particularly the neck (the best bit) is exactly the same as all the other JVs. This guitar has a set of "Bare Knuckle '59 Pat Pending Slab Board" pickups which retail at £160 & a set of genuine Kluson pickups fitted which is a serious upgrade. The guitar sounds amazing & plays beautifully. The guitar has had use over the years but is in overall very good condition.

The original pickups and tuners are included with this guitar .

 As stated many times, due to courier damage, all my guitars are shipped in hard cases (usually new) this one being a plain black one. I do have a tweed option but these are a little dearer. If you prefer that, please email me for details. If you are collecting, I'm happy to knock off the price of the case (About £30) & I may even have an old gig bag you can have to take it away in


 Squier JV Stratocaster

SST-30 Specifications


Body - Alder

Finish - Black/Polyester 

Neck - Maple with Rosewood Fretboard

Scale length 25.5"

Width at nut 41mm

Width at 12th Fret 51mm

Hardwear Chrome

Tuners - Replaced Klusons

Pickups - Replaced Bare Knuckle '59's "Pat Pending" Slab Board

5 way switch

1 x Volume & 2 x Tone controls

New black rectangular hard case from Thomann 


 Familiar scrolled "Squier Stratocaster by Fender" you only see on a JV. Note the Kluson tuners. The neck/headstock has aged beautifully. The guitar now being 32 years old


 Back is pretty good. A few scratches and some minor dents but, for its age. Extremely good in my opinion


 Any lines you see are reflections from the roof of my conservatory


Neckplate confirms manufacture in 1984 


 The Kluson tuners are far superior to the originals. The fitting has just left one small hole which I'll show later


 A look at the pickups. Well fitted, they are probably about the best pickups you could put on the guitar. Bare Knuckle have an awesome reputation


 Each pickup is embossed with the logo. Note the cloth wiring


 Nicely routed Alder body. No nasty surprises under the pickguard



The backplate is missing a corner. Not easy to replace as they are smaller than modern Squiers 


 Here's the small hole left by the original tuners. Although I like things original, I would leave these tuners as they are far superior to the originals


 JV Squier necks are always pencil dated (15/02/1984) 



The best thing about JV Squiers is the neck. The fretboard has a rolled edge making it so comfortable to play. Easily one of the best necks I have played.  A small amount of fret wear but not enough to warrant any work. 


 Original pickups & tuners which are included



So to sum up. An excellent  guitar from Fender Japan. Superb upgrades on a well cared for vintage guitar that will only ever increase in value. It plays well and sounds great. 

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