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About me... 

About me...

Hi there !

If you want to get in touch, you can do it via my email address which is


Most emails are usually replied to within a couple of days unless this page states that I am away


About Me:

It has been suggested by a few people that I should do an "about me" page on this site. I'm not totally convinced (particularly with the photo idea!) but I agree that it's fair that people know a tiny bit about who they are dealing with!

My name is Rob Hayes. I live in Whitstable,Kent, UK. It is a small fishing town on the South coast of England famous for it's Oysters, Peter Cushing & being a jolly nice place !

I was with Kent Police for 32 years but retired in 2008. We lost our youngest son Chris in 2007 (also a guitarist & singer) A catastrophic event such as that tends to change your outlook on life.

I have been playing the guitar (pretty ordinarily) for over 30 years & played in my teenage years & in my 20's in a few bands but could never afford a decent guitar, bass or amplifier ! The rest of my family are all musical, my brother plays professionally & my father played up until the age of 83 ! Sadly he passed away in 2013. Always an inspiration to everyone in the family & especially with their music. With 5 very musical grandsons, his legacy lives on

Over the years, my guitars were relegated to the attic & at 35 when I became single, I made a pact with myself to play again & to treat myself to a decent guitar at last !

I bought a lovely  Japanese Fender Stratocaster '62 reissue  which in turn was followed by a USA Strat, Jap Tele etc etc & finally I picked up a Pack Leader which needed restoration.

After I had completed the work, someone suggested that I document it on the net & feature other guitars that I owned.

Hence... "whitstableguitars.co.uk"

Enquiries soon followed & requests for purchases. I was selling on ebay but was becoming increasingly frustrated with their restrictions, high charges etc etc. A guitar sold for £400 on ebay can incur total fees of a whopping £55.00 ! (yes, really!) I truly don't understand how, if I sell a second hand car on ebay, I get a page full of photos included with the listing & pay 1% commission but if I sell a guitar for the same price I get lousy, poor resolution photos & have to pay 10% (10 times as much) commission PLUS 3.4% paypal fees! Totally unfair in my view!

I am happier to sell independently as this is just a small one man business. I enjoy what I do & now realise I much prefer to make somebody's day by selling them their dream guitar than ruining someone's day by arresting them !

If you buy an instrument or part from me, you will get the same service that I would expect from others. All my guitars arrive properly set up & ready to go !

Update for 2014

I am happy to say that I am now a gigging musician again & play rhythm guitar, bass & some vocals , firstly with East Kent  covers band "Region 101" & more recently with "NightWatch" Who play 30-40 gigs a year. Check out our website & come & say "Hi" if you see me at one of our gigs.


That's it for now. Thanks for visiting & hope to see you again soon


(it's a Jap '52 Reissue by the way)