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Fender Japan Precision Lyte Bass Guitar 1984-1987 & new hard case


Japanese "E" Series Bass with active pickups

I have decided after much pondering to sell my lovely old Precision Lyte bass that I have owned for the last 6 or 7 years. It served me well on over a hundred gigs but that was when I was playing bass guitar with NightWatch (my band) but I changed to guitar around 3 years ago & it has stayed in its case since then only coming out for a couple of deps. Having recently sold my bass rig, I felt it was time to get rid of the bass too. I struggle for storage space these days so it's only right that someone else gets the pleasure!

Fender Japan produced the Precision Lyte bass in the late 80's & early 90's. With a lightweight basswood body in the shape of a Precision bass but with a slim neck in the style of a Jazz bass, this really is a mix of the two styles. It also has a Jazz bass style pickup at the bridge and a Precision bass style pickup at the neck. Both of these are active pickups being powered by a 9 volt battery which is under the control panel. The four controls are a volume & "blend" control knob and then a "treble" & "bass control" This gives a great range of sounds & I found it suitable for all the styles of music we played in our covers band.

Having owned & played many basses, the reasons I settled with this P Lyte for so long were because of the weight. At only 3.373kg it's actually lighter than the Telecaster I play these days! Also, I liked the thin neck as I have fairly small hands. I also really liked the active pickups as there was less of an imbalance in sound when I played the "D" & "G" strings than on a passive bass that I owned.

This is definitely a "roadworn" bass. Please check out the gallery photos. There are chips, dings, bucklerash and other dents all over the guitar. However, the frets are good, it's well set up with no buzzing and the neck is nice and straight

Here's some spec:

Fender Precision Lyte

Manufacture 1984-1987 Japan

Body Material: Basswood

Neck Material: Maple with 22 fret Rosewood Fretboard

Radius: 9.5"

Scale Length 34" (864mm)

Width at Nut 38mm

Weight: 3.373kg (7lb 7oz)

Hardwear: Gold finish

Tuners: Fender Japan Mini Tuners (Made by GOTOH)

Pickups: Fender Japan Active Pickups

Controls: Volume/Blend/Bass/Treble

Case: New Thomann Hard Case

Hard Case

As said many times, all my guitars come shipped in a new black hard case which is included in the price. I find this is the safest way to avoid damage in transit.  Alternatively, if you are collecting the guitar and, like some buyers have cases coming out of their ears, that's no problem, I'll adjust the price (usually around a £30 discount) and I can usually find you an old gigbag to take the guitar away in. The only hard and fast rule I have is that i won't ship a guitar in a gigbag

If you are further interested in this bass guitar, you can either email me with any queries & I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Or, you can buy easily and safely using the paypal "buy now" button. Don't forget to select the right option using the drop down menu on price, i.e. Collection, UK shipping or EU shipping. If in doubt, please email me first as Highlands & Islands can sometimes be a little dearer for shipping