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1990's Fenix by Young Chang EA-90 Electro Acoustic with used hard case


This nice Fenix Electro Acoustic from the 1990's has been my gigging acoustic for around 4 years now. I have recently purchased a Yamaha AEX so this is surplus to requirements & offered for sale.

Fenix guitars were built at the Cort factory in Korea during the late 1980's & 1990's to a very good standard and are very sought after these days. There is the well told tale about how Young Chang, who originally worked for Fender, set up his own company making guitars that were remarkably similar to the Squier range built at Cort & was eventually taken to court by Fender & made to change his designs. This may explain the unusual shaped headstock on this guitar but who knows? I'm sure much of it is just a nice story but they are good guitars in many ways & they ran advertising slogans at the time such as "There's no plys on a Fenix" boasting that, unlike the Squiers at the time, their guitars were always made from solid woods. I have tried to find out what woods were used on these guitars but I have drawn a blank. The neck is Mahogany & the top looks like Maple but otherwise, I have no idea.

What wasn't quite so good with Fenix guitars were the electronics. I have had a few Strats & Teles made by Fenix & the pickups aren't the greatest & the cheap pots have a habit of breaking up with the alloys just crumbling away. Although this is an electro acoustic, the same could be said about this & the electrics were pretty poor so I invested in a Fishman acoustic system which was professionally installed about 3 years ago. It has a great sound however, the built in tuner stopped working about a year ago. I use a clip tuner so it hasn't really bothered me but I wanted to point it out.

What I have always really liked about this guitar is that it has a nice slim body which at only around 94mm at its widest point makes it ideal for stage work when you are standing up and playing as you can see the fretboard easily. I used it with a Fishman loudbox & was frequently complimented on my sound (not my playing!) 

The guitar also has a nice slim neck, low action and good quality machine heads which kept it in tune throughout a gig.

Cosmetically the guitar is very good and as shown in the photos. It isn't pristine but I look after my guitars and any marks are consistent with age & from general use. There are some tiny indents on the lower frets but the guitar plays well & the frets have plenty of life left in them

There was a hole where the original jack socket was (it is now part of the strap button) which I have filled, smoothed & polished. Annoyingly, there was some colour change on the lacquer (see photo) but this is minor & on the bottom edge.

Here are some specs

Fenix EA-90 Electro Acoustic

BODY: Laminate with Maple top?

Length : 51cm

Lower Bout Width : 40cm

Upper Bout Width : 29cm

Body Width : 9-9.5cm

NECK: Mahogany

FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, 22 frets

INLAY: Dot Markers

SCALE: 645 mm (25.5")

NUT: Plastic

TUNER: Enclosed, unbranded

JOINT: Set in Neck


PICKUP: Fishman acoustic system 9v power with EQ

CONTROL: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Phase

Used Black fitted Hard Case 

Hard Case

As said many times, all my guitars come shipped in hard cases which is included in the price. I find this is the safest way to avoid damage in transit. Alternatively, if you are collecting the guitar and, like some buyers have cases coming out of their ears, that's no problem, I'll adjust the price (usually around a £30 discount) and I can usually find you an old gigbag to take the guitar away in. The only hard and fast rule I have is that I won't ship a guitar in a gigbag

If you are further interested in this guitar, you can either email me with any queries & I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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