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2014 Fujigen History SH-LCV "Les Paul Custom" & Original Hard Case




"History" guitars are built at  Fujigen-Gakki in Japan. Probably the most famous guitar factory in Japan where all the JV Squiers, Ibanez, Fender Master Series Esprits etc & the earlier Fender Japan guitars were built. The plant is still very active & as well as building guitars for companies such as Yamaha & Ibanez, Fujigen build their own brands. These currently are FGN, Cool Z & History. I'm a big fan of all of these guitars & have been playing  either an FGN or Cool Z Telecaster with my band for a number of years now.

The History guitars are sold by the large distributor "Shimamura" & are rarely seen outside of Japan. They are generally copies of famous American guitars and they feature "Heritage" woods on the Maple tops of the Les Pauls. Heritage woods are so called in Japan & are reclaimed woods from the bottom of icy lakes. The wood is often many hundreds of years old but as such, it is claimed to be very dense & stable. An advertising ploy? Maybe, but the guitars are really well made and are a pleasure to play. History guitars are also equipped with top quality hardwear from GOTOH & electrics from CTS & Switchcraft. They really are a quality instrument,

This particular guitar is in fantastic condition with evidence of very light use only. There are no visible scratches or dings. The film is still on the pickguard & on the rear covers

Weight: 4.129 kg

The full spec in the Japanese catalogue can be found here:


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