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Schecter Japan SD-II-24-DS Aqua Blue 2009 & New Hard Case


This guitar has now been sold


This Schecter is another guitar you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the UK. Built by Schecter Japan it's a real "superstrat".  I always thought that Schecter guitars were either made in USA or from Korea or another Far Eastern country but never Japan. Apparently they are made and are freely available there. Like the Edwards guitars I import, they have really high specification &  are superbly made. This particular guitar looks and sounds fantastic. 

This guitar was imported by me from my supplier in Japan. The guitar is excellent with top quality pickups, hardwear & finish. It is used but in fantastic condition with little fretwear. There are no dents, just some minor scratches from playing and is just as it arrived. A guitar you won't find in the UK

Although I don't usually play this sort of guitar, it is a fantastic instrument. Really low action & a very flat fretboard making it an ideal "shredder"!!

Here are some specifications that I found online. I've had to translate it so some of it is a bit more difficult to understand but it gives all the important information that you need



AQB Maple fingerboard Aqua Blue (blue) | Schecter Japan SD series electric guitar 


BODY: Laminated Quilted Maple Top, Alder Back

NECK: Maple


FRETS: 24 Frets

SCALE: 25 1/2 "

JOINT: Ultra Access 4-Bolt






CONTROL: Volume / Tone (Split Tone Control) / CRL 5 Way / Mini Switch (Coil Split Switch)

COLOUR: See-thru Blue AQB (Aqua Blue)


New Thomann Hard Case

Coil Split Switch (Tap)

It is possible to tap coils regardless of single or humbucker. Together with Split Tone Control, you can create a wide variety of sound variations.

Split Tone Control

In addition to normal Hi-Cut, passive circuit system also functions as Low-Cut with the tone knob raised. It does not rely on batteries, making natural and varied tone arrangement possible.

Schecter Monster Tone J & Super Rock J

Schecter Japan The latest pickup of planning and development features a wide range and a sharp rise with edges. It responds sensitively to delicate picking nuances and makes it possible to express more expressive sound.

Schecter Locking Tremolo

Adopted high-quality Gotoh company. Increase originality as it is with accuracy, durability, sound, operability and so on. It corresponds completely from fine vibrato to hard up / down. The plate contains the SCHECTER logo.

Ultra Access 4 Bolt Neck Fitting

It is a newly developed original heel cut that further evolved the conventional ANGLE 4 BOLT. I promise smoother fingering at high position. We support technical phrase construction fully utilizing 24 frets.

Arm Up Recess

By subjecting the body of the bridge tip to a counterbore process, the variable range of the arm-up is expanded. Schecter Japan Alder back, SUPER ROCK J to pick up, NEW SD-2 of MONSTER TONE J

There are a few of this model for sale on Ebay in Japan & the USA. They are priced around £700-£800 but that doesn't include VAT & import duty which amount to around 25%. I've already paid that on this guitar so it's a good price

Hard Case

As stated many times, due to courier damage, all my guitars are shipped in hard cases (usually new) this one being a plain black option from Thomann. 

 If you are collecting, I'm happy to knock off the price of the case (About £30) & I may even have an old gig bag you can have to take it away in

So to sum up, a really nice guitar from Schecter. This model is near impossible to find here in the UK price wise, they are around 130,000 Yen (£925) in Japan but this is without shipping & duties

If you are further interested in this guitar, you can either email me with any queries & I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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