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Should you see a guitar you like and wish to purchase, there are several methods you can use to make payment. Whichever method you choose, please also ensure I have a correct shipping address & a contact telephone number for you which I need to book your courier.


You can simply & easily use Paypal. Just use the Paypal "buy now" button on the relevant page for the guitar you wish to purchase. The amount shown includes UK shipping costs. If you are purchasing from elsewhere than the UK or you are collecting the guitar and don't require shipping then please email me and I will send you out a revised Paypal invoice for the correct amount


Alternatively, I can take a Credit or Debit card payment over the phone using a "virtual terminal"

Please email me at the address below with your contact number if you would like to use this method.


The most common method of payment that my customers use is via an online bank transfer. I expect it's the most common because I can offer a small discount as I don't incur transaction fees! The discount is generally around £15.00. Once again, please email me at the address below with your contact number if you would like to use this method.


Yes, cash is still king & very welcome if you are planning to visit and purchase a guitar & finally, I can accept a cleared cheque as payment too


UK mainland insured shipping is at the flat rate of £30.00. I use a 24 hour courier service & guitars are packed securely inside a hard shell case.

Occasionally, when people live on islands or in remote areas of the UK, the courier cost can be considerably more than the figure I have given. If this proves to be the case I will email you regarding this with the extra cost as a Paypal invoice. If you then decide not to buy, I will refund your Paypal payment immediately.

Euro Zone Insured courier

See price on drop down menu as prices differ depending on cost of guitar.


Occasionally I am asked about shipping to the USA, Australia etc. Yes, I can do this but once again, please email me so I can get a quote & costs to these countries are typically around £100 which won't include your import duties.


Always a tricky subject. Mainly because I'm just a "one man band" and I have to try and keep my costs down.

Yes, I will accept returns and if there's a significant fault on the guitar that I missed or it arrives damaged then I will pay the shipping costs.

If you buy a guitar and then decide "it's not for you" then yes, you can send it back but you must pay the shipping costs both ways plus the Paypal fees (which are no longer refunded in the case of a return) if that was your payment method.

Once a guitar has been returned. As soon as I receive the guitar and have checked it over, I will issue a refund.

Contact Whitstable Guitars:

Payment, shipping & returns policy

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