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Welcome to the new, improved version of Whitstable Guitars website.

This website was created by me in 2008 to display a selection of used guitars for sale, mainly from Japan, but also from the USA & other countries.

I really like Japanese Fenders but other Japanese guitars like Bacchus, Edwards, Yamaha, Aria Pro II, Greco, Orville, Burny, FGN are all superb. For me, the build quality & playability is excellent. I play a Japanese FGN Telecaster guitar when I am out gigging because it suits my needs perfectly.

I pride myself on giving the best service I can. Over the years almost 50% of my sales have been from repeat business. 

I have an arrangement with a major instrument supplier in Japan & I regularly import used guitars. These are all in excellent condition and often have unusual specifications such as USA pickups & "domestic market only" finishes. Please look at what I have to offer & why not own & play something just a little different :)


I have a very active Facebook page which will always feature new arrivals first and also daily features on different guitars. Please follow/like my page



The recent restriction on the import of Rosewood has now been lifted for musical instruments so I am now able to order any used guitar you would like from my supplier.


I'm not a fan of selling on Ebay. Here's why.

Did you know that if you sell something on Ebay they will charge you a 12.8% final value fee + 30p & you do all the work? Sell a guitar for £500 & say goodbye to £64.30. Oh, and they also take a similar cut from your shipping too now, so if you add £25 to your listing for shipping charges, they take another £3.20 from that too. So, after selling your guitar for £500, you actually receive £432.50!!

I also spend time restoring, fixing and building the odd guitar and I have documented some of my work here too. Unfortunately, I am not able to undertake any customer work at present other than setup, servicing & pickup replacement. However, Please email me and I will to point you to a fine luthier who specialises in all of these things. All of my guitars and other items can be purchased securely & quickly using Paypal, Debit & Credit card or online Bank Transfer.


If you have any general enquiries, please email me here.


I always try and respond within 24 hours


Thanks for visiting! 


Rob Hayes

Welcome to Whitstable Guitars

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