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Pignose PGG-200 3 Tone Sunburst Travel Guitar 

Not currently for sale


I have a couple of trips away coming up and wanted something that I can take with me and keep my hand in. Unlike some lucky people, I have to try and play every day otherwise I end up with hand cramps etc at gigs.

I'd seen a couple of these come up for sale in Japan & thought I'd try one. What fun! Great little guitars. About the size of a Ukelele but with a built in amp & speaker or you can plug them into your regular amp too.

Here's some info from sellers online:

The Pignose guitar PGG-200, according to the manufacturer, "puts all the funk, grit, and power of a Pignose amplifier right inside a very playable, kickin' little guitar. Simply pull on the famous Pignose knob, crank it up, and the famous Pignose sound comes straight out of the guitar and into your face"!


The PGG-200 features a full 24 -+ inch scale, a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with bolt-on maple neck, fixed bridge with adjustable saddles and both standard -+ inch and 3.5mm output jacks which also allows the guitar to drive headphones and a regular amp.


The PGG-200 also features a humbucker pickup, built-in amp, and metal Pignose volume control (push-pull on/off switch) and the gutsy 1 watt on-board amplifier is powered by a 9-volt battery.




Maple bolt on neck

Adjustable truss rod

22 frets, full 24 ¼ inch scale

Rosewood fretboard

Standard fixed bridge with six individually adjustable saddles

Single custom Pignose humbucker

Pignose master volume control with push/pull power switch

Jacks: 1/4" guitar jack; 3.5mm headphone jack sockets

Off white style pick guard with black metal speaker grill

Built in amplifier powered by 9V battery

All in all a great little guitar for practice at home!


IMPORTANT NOTICE who have hosted my site for many years are shutting down their operation on 31st August leaving me no option but to have a new website built. 

This also coincides with me going away from 25th August to 16th September 2023 when the guitars will all go into storage.

In short, this means that I will be continuing to operate but I will be unable to handle any sales until after the 16th September. 

I will however receive emails so can deal with anything on my return on a "first come, first served" basis.

The website will look similar but not the same. Otherwise, everything will continue to be the same but hopefully better as have been consistently unreliable over the past few years.

Thank you. Rob

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